About me

I took the scenic route to becoming a freelance science writer. I started out with an enviable experience as a graduate student at the Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD where I was a member of a team of scientists that described the first mutations in the p53 tumor suppressor gene in human cancers. I worked my way from east to west across the USA, stopping at the Pacific Ocean to study the genetic basis of human brain tumor development at the University of California, San Francisco for many years.

Then something funny happened…

I left all that to work as a scientist in a lab at the University of Bergen in Bergen, Norway, a more often gray than sunny place, but where the mountains in dramatic beauty dive straight into the sea. The Norwegian Cancer Society funded a grant I wrote, and voilà, a temporary scientist position of six months turned into seven years.

I had many advantages working in Norway, but I never predicted my native tongue of English would be one of them. I became the go-to person for manuscript revision. And there on the other side of the Atlantic, the idea popped into my head that I could help other scientists around the world tell their stories with the possibility of living anywhere I wanted.

The concept spilled over into activities in my non-science life, although there’s a little bit of science in everything I do. I now write about travel, scuba diving and underwater photography too.

So here I am today, still experimenting, but by telling science and travel stories from my computer which is currently based in Los Angeles. Ready to take a journey with me?

Take a look! My science stories have appeared in journals, including Cell, Nature, and PLoSONE, and my non-science stories have been published in media venues, including the LA Times, the Easy Reader, and The Beach Reporter.

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