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Blogger for Filipodia.com. Since September 2015, I have written a monthly post on diverse topics in scientific and medical editing. The subject matter covers challenges in publication today not just for clients, but for editors and scientists globally. Links to individual posts on the Filipodia website are provided below.

Links to Filipodia blog posts


Your silent collaborator

How a scientific edit might be like a Cubist painting

Keeping medical research diverse

The art in science


When you use the word ant but you mean aunt

The trouble with publications

The case of the immortal stem cells

Under pressure, peer review

Unscrambling the eggs: My life as a science and medical editor and writer

Should editors come out of the closet? (or Outing your silent collaborator)

What you need to do to get the most out of your edit

Phishing for scientists

An American in Bergen

Should impact factor stay or go?

The simple thinking behind great manuscripts


There is more to it than science

Writing experience in non-scientific venues: In addition to my scientific explorations of the development of human gliomas, I am an avid scuba diver and photographer of the underwater world.  My diving stories are also published at scubaverse.com, daneurope.org, and uwphotographyguide.com.

2014-2016 Janice Nigro on Scubaverse


A dive is never over until it’s over

Raja Ampat after dark

I have also been published in the Daily Breeze and the Beach Reporter in Southern California.

the Daily Breeze: Hermosa Beach Farmers Market, a microcosm of community sans parrots

the Beach Reporter: Hermosa Beach Farmers Market, a microcosm of community sans parrots

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