An Accidental Artist

Do you think of artists as super-powered people? I did until I discovered underwater photography. Discovering my artistic side I tend to think of as a glorious accident, but I wonder, because underwater photography has all the elements that are important to me: travel, sport, art, and science.

An Accidental Artist is a collection of my blog posts covering how even a scientist working at the lab bench can develop into an artist. The book contains my underwater images and the stories that go with them covering topics such as philosophy on taking photographs, where to dive, art exhibitions, and even a little bit of science. My evolution as a photographer may resonate with other artists, but the book is especially for anyone hesitant to express themselves artistically. Just find something you love doing enough not to care about the critics.

The book also contains some tips on how to get started taking underwater photographs and links to some of my favorite dive destinations on Earth.

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