Learning to love LA P.S. A little authentic gelato helps!

by Janice Nigro It's hard work to live in and love LA. Yeah, yeah, yeah, I hear you saying. It’s warm, there is beautiful scenery, and there is opportunity. How hard can it be to love? I am stating the obvious when I say no one likes the traffic or the distances between where you... Continue Reading →

Around the world at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market

Around the world at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market by Janice Nigro The sign as you enter says no bikes, no skateboards, no dogs, and no parrots. No parrots? Jack Sparrow, leave your parrot at home if you are coming to the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market. On Friday mornings, I roll my vendor-in-a-suitcase up from... Continue Reading →

A product of passion

A product of passion by Janice Nigro There are words that simply cannot be translated from one language to another. There are things or things we do that do not exist in other cultures. I wonder for example when the word for “ice” entered into Indonesian. There is no accurate translation for gelato-we call it... Continue Reading →

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