Dinosaur days…

I’ve been living in the Los Angeles area for almost a decade now. To what end I didn’t know - it's too expensive - other than I live close to the beach, the airport and my brother.  But then his daughter was born.  Being an aunt who lives so close is the luckiest of situations.... Continue Reading →

Coincidences far away from home

by Janice Nigro Liam was his first name. The trail guide. A strapping young New Zealander. Handsome, I thought to myself, still getting the sleep out of my eyes. In the next moment, he delivered the news in his New Zealand accent. The others in the group had canceled the guided day hike on the... Continue Reading →

what is success?

What is success? by Janice Nigro You meet a lot of people in a sort of migratory state while traveling around the world. Some are starting out life on their own in a new country while others are well into their lives and still open to new adventures. Some seem lost or not sure about... Continue Reading →

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