An affordable piece of art

by Janice Nigro I had a boyfriend in college who wasn’t much of a romantic. But he did leave me a surprise Valentine’s Day card once in a place where I wouldn’t have expected it. I remember the card still today. Without saying much, I felt it said, "I am thinking of you." The history... Continue Reading →

loving to night dive

Loving to night dive by Janice Nigro It has all of the elements of a good thriller. It’s night, it takes place under water, and wildlife is all around. Yes, I am talking about the night dive. I am not into scaring myself; I don’t like horror flicks or roller coaster rides, but I do love... Continue Reading →

to scuba dive or not to scuba dive…

To scuba dive or not to scuba dive… by Janice Nigro I suppose being a scientist all of my life and being trained to adhere to the repetition of a so-called logical stepwise process (purpose, methods, results…repeat) has made me somewhat envious of more artistic types who can sit down and write a poetic sentence... Continue Reading →

reading the signs

Reading the signs by Janice Nigro I don’t know what it means when you run into someone that you haven’t seen in 20 years in a place where neither of you ever are. Or when you hear the voice of a person in a big city museum that belongs to a cousin living two states... Continue Reading →

just two hours underwater

just two hours underwater by Janice Nigro I especially love the dive holidays where you can leave home in flip-flops and arrive at the dive destination in flip-flops (or slippahs where I went). Los Angeles to Maui is one version of the flip-flops only necessary dive holiday. I had a short trip ahead of me,... Continue Reading →

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