Literary exercises for writing scientific manuscripts

by Janice Nigro I was shocked once when my PhD advisor ran into the lab to read out loud the first sentence of my first draft of a manuscript. A nightmare moment-hearing your own words read in front of a group of extraordinarily talented and accomplished people. He read it and then said why he... Continue Reading →


Science, I can’t leave home without it

by Janice Nigro We travel to escape. To escape our work, to escape our lives, and maybe to escape who we are. I would be the first to admit to trying things on holidays that I would never attempt back home. There is ample opportunity; real gelato can only be eaten in Italy. But also no one is there... Continue Reading →

controversy over a carrot

Controversy over a carrot by Janice Nigro If only I had made the surfboard a strawberry…my last thoughts as I was falling asleep one night recently. It was not one of those fleeting bizarre thoughts you have just moments before you do fall asleep. It was provoked by another one of my innocent forays into... Continue Reading →

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