Experience Alor naturally

by Janice Nigro The idea of traveling to Alor was as enchanting to me as finding the field of anemones. The area is remote. Divers go there, but throngs of tourists do not. But I still am a girl who likes flushing toilets, warm showers, and tasty food. I booked a land based trip to... Continue Reading →

Home is where my pasta machine is

by Janice Nigro A plane is that modern vehicle of irony, speeding you through the air at times to areas of the Earth that might still be in the stone age. Or at least into another apparent universe where we don’t understand the language, we don’t look like anyone else, and we don't have the... Continue Reading →

the pink city

The pink city by Janice Nigro There is nothing like a personal tour of a city especially in a foreign country.You will get to the best restaurants or events without having to work at it, and in the local language. I did not do my homework for my brief tour to Toulouse, France, after some... Continue Reading →

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