the underwater laboratory

the Underwater laboratory Volcanic gas bubbles were percolating from the sandy bottom below me.  Yellow particles of sulfur that had precipitated out of these gases from Sangeang Volcano, dusted the perfectly black sand, and the sand was warm to the touch.  I thought, it is a good thing that I have my underwater “safety goggles”... Continue Reading →

Diving with the “Incredibles”, part II

Diving with the Incredibles, part II I might have still had mask face.  I definitely still had jet lag.  Just days after my return from a trip to Komodo on the Seven Seas in May, the newsflash email arrived.  “Last minute discounted trip to Komodo.”  Because my watch was still on Indonesia time, I knew... Continue Reading →

Diving with the “Incredibles”

by Janice Nigro I have spent 18 days:1 hour:36 minutes of my life underwater. Nearly twelve of these days, I have logged in Indonesia. Indonesia commands you to return in large part because of the unparalleled underwater diversity, but perhaps equally important, the reason for my consecutive trips to Indonesia over the last six years,... Continue Reading →

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