controversy over a carrot

Controversy over a carrot by Janice Nigro If only I had made the surfboard a strawberry…my last thoughts as I was falling asleep one night recently. It was not one of those fleeting bizarre thoughts you have just moments before you do fall asleep. It was provoked by another one of my innocent forays into... Continue Reading →

recipe for a sunset

recipe for a sunset by Janice Nigro Most days I am out on the beach around sunset for an evening walk, but also to marvel at the beauty of nature even in an urban environment as big as the Los Angeles area. Sunsets mark the end of another day, and it is a sort of... Continue Reading →

marine layer filter

Nothing much happened today until about 19:00 when I saw these colors in the sky from my window. I ran with my camera just a bit late, but managed this sunset photo on the beach in LA. I really love these when the marine layer filters the sun so you can look directly at it... Continue Reading →

iPhone meets nature in Los Angeles

On my walk home tonight which conveniently was across the beach, I started taking photos like this: Dramatic skies but in a Norwegian winter day dramatic sky: And then it turned into an Indonesian sky: Or maybe the opposite of the Northern Lights: but in fact it was a Los Angeles sky!

sunset parfait

Another day another sunset gratefully. Something I can not seem to get enough of. A bit of iPhone magic (perhaps). It looks like a parfait to me, layers of color, layers of different media (sun, clouds/marine layer, sea).

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