If you are a biomedical scientist feeling overwhelmed by too many writing projects, I can help!

I am also always ALWAYS available to help with scientific edits. As a scientist at the bench for > 25 years I know intimately the frustrations with writing, editing, and publishing scientific manuscripts.

I never realized I liked more creative writing until an idea for a diving story hit me during a surface interval on a dive trip in Indonesia. I now write about science, travel, scuba diving, and underwater photography. I have blogged for Filipodia Publishing and my adventure stories have appeared on ScubaverseUWPhotographyguide, DAN, the Beach Reporterthe Daily Breeze, and the LA Times. I won honorable mention for a story in the Easy Reader 48th Anniversary Story Contest.

If you have any exciting opportunities for me to write/edit especially in the areas of the biological sciences, scientific editing and publishing, travel, scuba diving, and underwater photography, contact me!

Janice Nigro

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