swimabout 2013 to 2014

A summary of Raja Ampat, Gangga Island, Kungkungan Bay, (Indonesia) and Moalboal, Dauin, and Bohol (Philippines).  My view of underwater.  Highly “macro-ized” as my Canon G15 is not well equipped for wide angle.  Some photos I have obviously taken artistic liberties with, but almost all are the natural colors highlighted by the strobes.  My obsessions are anemones and I get caught up looking at sponges a lot because of the color and the unusual shapes.  I did my best to not disturb any animal or destroy any part of the reef while taking photos or just looking.  If it is not in a good position to take a photo, I do not take the photo.

Most thanks goes to the highly talented dive guides that I met in Indonesia and the Philippines.  Not only are they amazing at finding critters but they are also incredible fun.  All good photos come only because of the good dive guides.  Thank you for introducing me to your countries, your islands through the sea and making some of the best memories of my life.  And of course my friends and their friends who helped me achieve this dream holiday.  The next time I might see some of you can not be soon enough.  (and if you are wondering, yes, there are many many more anemone and anemone fish photos…)

©2014 Janice Marie Nigro/janikiink.com


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