from Dr. Ken Kinzler, Professor of Oncology, Associate Director for Laboratory Research, SKCCC Director, Ludwig Center at Johns Hopkins University, January 2018.

Janice worked on a short but important project for me. The work was awesome!!! The piece was very thoughtful, cleverly composed and well written.

from Dr. Jennifer Van Velkinburgh, President and Chief Writer and Editor at Filipodia Publishing, June 2017.

Janice worked for two of my companies, AmEditor and Filipodia, first in the capacity of a freelance editor of science and medicine manuscripts for submission to peer-reviewed journals and then as a blog post writer. Janice’s work was always top quality, showcasing her skills and substantive insights on today’s landscape of science communication. In her blog posts for Filipodia, Janice was able to engage the reader through stories taken from her extensive personal travels and her multi-national professional life. She tackled issues that nearly all editors and practicing scientists face in their daily work, giving thoughtful advice on current challenges in both science communication and the research efforts that unpin it. For example, one of my favorite posts written by Janice reminds the reader to not forget our altruistic motivations for discovery when researching under the pressures for practical outcomes, such as building our publication lists on PubMed and getting awarded grants to support ourselves and our labs. Janice’s perspectives on the collaborative nature of the global research community should be a model for all scientists. Her professional attitude and diligent work practices make her one of the most enjoyable and easy people to work with.

from Dr. Martha Enger, Professor at the University of Bergen in the Department of  Biomedicine and the Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry, April 2016.

Dr. Nigro recently proofed our manuscript aimed for submission to a top ranked journal. The purpose of the commission was not to edit the grammar and syntax, but to make the scientific and medical significance more accessible to a lay audience. Dr. Nigro de-mystified our manuscript and turned it around within 72 hours. She has the undisputed advantage of being a scientist of exceptional calibre, with publications in top journals. She has therefore an eye for novelty and pitching for the critical editor.

from the authors of “The diagnosis of Spinal Dural Arteriovenous Fistulas.” Spine, 2013.

We performed an interesting study on clinical data collected over twenty years, but our English needed professional editing. Janice completed extensive editing within five days, and then, the paper was accepted for publication only two days after resubmission! The advantage of working with her is that she has extensive experience as a scientist in medical research. She was able to interpret our sentences and to edit them so that the proper scientific and medical significance was conveyed.

审稿人给我们文章的意见主要是语言方面,中国式英语的痕迹太明显。Janice帮助 我们对文章的语言进行重新的修改和润色。她深厚的生物医学背景以及熟练的科研 文字运用能力使我们的文章焕然一新。再次提交两天后,文章被接收。在此,感谢 Janice的帮助。


from Donghai Wang, MD, September 2013.

作为一名非英文母语的神经外科临床医生,我们应用CHIANLISH 书写的论文往往会由于语言问题造成稿件审理方面的诸多受限,Janice是一位非常高效并且严谨的编审专家,近期本人的文章请她斧正,从文稿格式到内容,以及文献的修校都非常到位,感谢她专业的帮助,希望不久我的文章能有一个好的去处,届时与大家分享……..



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