Ut på tur i Los Angeles

by Janice Nigro You have been there. Done that. Just maybe not in Norwegian. Norwegian is not one of those languages you can expect to use much outside of Norway. Unless your Norwegian teacher and her young son show up in Los Angeles for a visit. I was the guide more or less for the past... Continue Reading →

In search of Grom…

In search of Grom… by Janice Nigro The latest meditative technique to overtake the South Bay? To those who actually know Grom-Italians and lovers of Italy-maybe it is just that. Grom is real Italian gelato. Gelato is something of a mystery to me. In theory, it seems like it should be an easily reproducible food item. There... Continue Reading →

A product of passion

A product of passion by Janice Nigro There are words that simply cannot be translated from one language to another. There are things or things we do that do not exist in other cultures. I wonder for example when the word for “ice” entered into Indonesian. There is no accurate translation for gelato-we call it... Continue Reading →

mini adventures in a taxi

mini adventures in a taxi by Janice Nigro When I lived in Norway I discovered that Norwegians, at least when they are in Norway, are not big fans of making small talk with people they do not know. OK, strangers, the kind you make casual conversation with at bus stops or in the elevator. I... Continue Reading →


I have not had time to write my regular post so it is a bit like an antipasto...something to view until I get around to writing the stories. It seems like everything in Italy is painted in a color from a sunset... ©2015 Janice Marie Nigro/janikiInk.com

cuckcoo for coco loco

Cuckcoo for coco loco by Janice Nigro I was creeping around the grocery store looking for my food fix…if you can believe it, it was for a yogurt. How did this happen, that I was looking both ways before stepping into the dairy aisle to casually put 10 Chobani flip Almond Coco Loco yogurt into... Continue Reading →

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