Kissing frogfishes…

Kissing frogfishes… By Janice Nigro It was my last dive of the day. The last few minutes of the dive and the last dive of the trip. I felt distracted by the scale and scope of the coral on this dive (Chicken Reef) in Raja Ampat from looking for the small things. And maybe tired too... Continue Reading →

what is success?

What is success? by Janice Nigro You meet a lot of people in a sort of migratory state while traveling around the world. Some are starting out life on their own in a new country while others are well into their lives and still open to new adventures. Some seem lost or not sure about... Continue Reading →

favorite subjects to photograph

favorite subjects to photograph by Janice Nigro Plenty of tongue-twisting words for underwater creatures exist. Somehow mine for most of my life was simply anemone. Even as I write this, spell correct just corrected the word anemone. For me, it remains a conscious effort to say or write this word correctly. Eventually I realized my... Continue Reading →

underwater artist: algae

The last entry in the 5 day black and white challenge. I chose a giant clam abstract. These creatures have amazing patterns on their mantles which from what I understand are due to symbiotic algae. Algae seem to be the real underwater artists which supply colorless animals with a coat of "paint". The giant clams... Continue Reading →

sky painting over raja ampat

The best sunsets are where there is clean air. Among other things (like spectacular marine life) you can find clean air in Raja Ampat which means the four kings in Indonesian. Missing diving and missing Indonesia...

swimabout 2013 to 2014

A summary of Raja Ampat, Gangga Island, Kungkungan Bay, (Indonesia) and Moalboal, Dauin, and Bohol (Philippines).  My view of underwater.  Highly "macro-ized" as my Canon G15 is not well equipped for wide angle.  Some photos I have obviously taken artistic liberties with, but almost all are the natural colors highlighted by the strobes.  My obsessions... Continue Reading →

Raja Ampat, the birthplace of color

Raja Ampat, the birthplace of color “I am not comfortable,” I wanted to scream.  I was in the domestic terminal in the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport in Jakarta, and the destination on my printed ticket itinerary was Ujung Pandang but the one over the check-in counter was Makassar.  And neither of these names matched my final... Continue Reading →

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