Discovering the meaning of dim sum in Seattle

by Janice Nigro Being a nomad is great. Until you realize that your closest friends live nowhere close. So when the last minute opportunity came up a few weekends ago to travel to Seattle to see some friends from the USA who I met in Norway and now live in Tasmania, I took it (yes,... Continue Reading →

Making “untradition” the tradition of Christmas

Turkey or ham for dinner in the USA. Pinekjøtt or lutefisk in Norway. Gathering of families usually at the home of the grandmother and grandfather. Yes, we are stuck on tradition, truly stuck if you look forward to eating fruitcake or maybe lutefisk each year for Christmas. I remember a few traditions about Christmases growing... Continue Reading →

An affordable piece of art

by Janice Nigro I had a boyfriend in college who wasn’t much of a romantic. But he did leave me a surprise Valentine’s Day card once in a place where I wouldn’t have expected it. I remember the card still today. Without saying much, I felt it said, "I am thinking of you." The history... Continue Reading →

The dead hats society

The dead hats society by Janice Nigro I wasn’t one for wearing hats until one day at a meeting in San Diego for cancer research. It was terribly warm and very sunny (I was living on the foggy side of San Francisco), and I thought, I need a hat. It was easy to find a... Continue Reading →

to scuba dive or not to scuba dive…

To scuba dive or not to scuba dive… by Janice Nigro I suppose being a scientist all of my life and being trained to adhere to the repetition of a so-called logical stepwise process (purpose, methods, results…repeat) has made me somewhat envious of more artistic types who can sit down and write a poetic sentence... Continue Reading →

sky painting over Hobart

It does not seem especially skilled to take photographs of the sky like this but I am amazed at the colors at the right moment of a sunset/sunrise. Even in a bustling metropolis like Hobart, Tasmania it feels primitive, like I have taken a step back in time, or that the Earth is still on... Continue Reading →

Diving and dragons…

Diving and dragons... by Janice Nigro The motivation to dive tropical waters is obvious: exceptional reef-life, colorful corals, great visibility…and warm water.   The motivation to dive more temperate waters is not so obvious:  visibility is not great and the water is... cold.  In Norway, I had to try diving in temperate waters because I never... Continue Reading →


  Tassie-“mania” by Janice Nigro When I was a child, I thought that the name for the island of Tasmania was derived from some kind of a special sort of psychological disorder.  It didn’t help that the only other thing that I knew to associate with Tasmania was the famed Tasmanian Devil from the Warner... Continue Reading →

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