rates and contact information

Rates and editing.

All potential projects are first evaluated to determine the fee rate. A fee of 25 USD is required for evaluation of the project, but will be applied to the final fee if the authors choose my service.

1. light editing: small grammar errors for both native and non-native English speakers, per hour basis

2. flat fees for manuscripts: includes editing, one cover letter, and one response to reviewers; fee depends on degree of editing necessary

3. consultation only: basic organization of manuscript and recommendation for journals, per hour basis

4. figures: per hour basis

Timeframe. Light editing is usually complete within one day or even after several hours. Manuscripts requiring extensive editing are completed within 5 to 7 days. Sometimes they require interaction with the customer to clarify that the significance has not changed and may take additional days to complete. Response to reviewers is included as well as adjustments to cover letters for submission of research articles in this timeframe.

Payment. All payments can be made through PayPal or wire transfer. When the customer agrees to editing of the project, an invoice will be sent in which customer will be instructed on how to pay through PayPal or to wire cash. Payment must be made in full before I begin to edit the project.

Payment fees. No processing fees charged for payments < 400USD made through PayPal or > 400USD through bank transfer. A processing fee of 4% will be added to payment received through PayPal > 400USD or 15USD for bank transfer < 400USD.

Evaluation fee. A fee of 25 USD is required for evaluation of the project, but will be applied to the final fee if the authors choose my service.

Free. Scientific/peer review of the experiments and suggestions for journals if asked for.


Create content for websites or print material. Considered on an individual case basis in the area of biological science, editing and publishing, travel, and diving. blog for Filipodia


Graphic art projects. Considered on individual case basis (see portfolio at portfolio for graphic art projects).


contact for an estimate:

Janice Nigro


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