Fusion of art and science: Impressions of my first solo art exhibition

by Janice Nigro I have adventures, but I don’t think they are anything to really boast about today. With the Internet and diverse forms of modern day transport, it’s easy to get out. But making adventures happen when you are home takes a different kind of effort. It helps that I now live only about... Continue Reading →

silver medal

A little bit of bragging but more because of the company that my photograph is in. The other photographers win often and for good reason. I took this photo on the reef surrounding Panglao Island in Bohol, the Philippines. It was I have to say a photo of one of the most humble looking creatures under... Continue Reading →

Dive ‘n’ drive for one

Dive ‘n’ drive for one by Janice Nigro Ok, I am stealing some terminology for the second time during my swimabout which if you remember is the first term that I stole from someone much more clever than myself with words.  The new one is “Dive ‘n’ Drive” which pertains to the fact that you... Continue Reading →

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