silver medal

A little bit of bragging but more because of the company that my photograph is in. The other photographers win often and for good reason. I took this photo on the reef surrounding Panglao Island in Bohol, the Philippines. It was I have to say a photo of one of the most humble looking creatures under the water. I don’t know what possessed me to take the photo but when I surfaced and took a look at it, I was very surprised at how beautiful the colors were. To my eye underwater, it was a very drab dirty looking yellow. I call it “The Kiss” but I have to say it has some Georgia O’Keefe like elements to it-like you can not get close enough to see it so you make all the parts gigantic. I have entered this contest for fun over the past year and the photos on this site are magnificent. It is a huge number of people that helped me to get that photo when I think about it. Many probably do not remember me-especially probably not Jaguar, the dive guide I was with. Nature sure defies my imagination…


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