Dialing 911 for pasta

An emergency text from a friend: Hi! We got a pasta making attachment for the KitchenAid mixer. Some recipes say all purpose flour and some say 00 flour. I thought we should ask an expert. That’s how my holiday season started, and it seemed to be a theme that carried through to the end when... Continue Reading →

An Accidental Artist: Discovering Creativity through Scuba Diving

Do you think of artists as super-powered people? I did until I discovered underwater photography. Discovering my artistic side I tend to think of as a glorious accident, but I wonder, because underwater photography has all the elements that are important to me: travel, sport, art, and science. An Accidental Artist is a collection of... Continue Reading →

trouble on pier plaza

trouble on pier plaza by Janice Nigro It was pretty clear when I moved to Norway how I was going to make friends outside of work: Norwegian class. Although I could have used the same strategy upon returning to the USA (maybe not Norwegian class, or heck why not?), I for some reason chose to... Continue Reading →

will you be here next week?

Will you be here next week? by Janice Nigro I suppose being a scientist all of my life and being trained ironically to adhere to the repetition of a so-called logical stepwise process (purpose, methods, results…repeat) has made me somewhat envious of more artistic types who can sit down and write a poetic sentence about... Continue Reading →

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