Just don’t get in my way

The revelation after my six years of study and lab work to complete a PhD in biology is that I wasn’t on an automatic path to career fulfillment, or happiness. And I had an envious PhD experience. My principal investigator had a clear vision. He was so sure about his goals that our only problem... Continue Reading →

Coloring outside the lines in science writing

by Janice Nigro A great irony in science is how generic we scientists often write about it. We use clichéd lines. “To the best of our knowledge, this is the first study to show X…” Or “However, X still remains unknown.” Or my favorite, “Such and such cancer is the most aggressive tumor type in... Continue Reading →

One thing we can do better as co-authors

by Janice Nigro A highly successful scientist friend joked recently that he still doesn’t recognize much in his original drafts of manuscripts, even after thirty years of working consistently with a certain collaborator. Together they can boast of hundreds of articles reporting cutting edge science and hundreds of thousands of citations. After so much time, experience, and... Continue Reading →

Long form blogging is in…

Long form blogging is in... by Janice Nigro My New Year's resolution backfired this year. It was one of those that turned out to be the exact opposite of someone else’s New Year's resolution. Yeah, I am talking about the kind where someone decides to become devoted to someone or something only to discover that the someone... Continue Reading →

editing English for non-native speakers

editing English for non-native speakers by Janice Nigro A considerable number of my friends and work colleagues are not from English speaking countries. And I love to travel. Foreign language or English with an accent is part of my daily life. When I meet someone from a non-English speaking country, I immediately engage in foreign... Continue Reading →

Back to being just Janice…

Back to being just Janice… by Janice Nigro I have thought many times that I should write a story about integration, oddly back into my own country. Except that I am still doing it, and I am not sure I would categorize it as a success. I had always wanted to live overseas. I thought... Continue Reading →

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