Have chicken stock, will travel

Have chicken stock, will travel by Janice Nigro I know the best restaurant in Los Angeles. You won’t read about it in any magazines or newspapers, only here in this blog. It’s a pop-up restaurant though that is only open three to four weeks out of the year (at this location), and not just anyone... Continue Reading →

Go ahead, show off my art in your bathroom

  Go ahead, show off my art in your bathroom by Janice Nigro Photos are arguably one of the things in our homes that give us the best perspective of the lives we lead, for our guests and more importantly for ourselves. Yet, despite the fact that our digital world brings us incredible numbers of fabulous images every day,... Continue Reading →

trouble on pier plaza

trouble on pier plaza by Janice Nigro It was pretty clear when I moved to Norway how I was going to make friends outside of work: Norwegian class. Although I could have used the same strategy upon returning to the USA (maybe not Norwegian class, or heck why not?), I for some reason chose to... Continue Reading →

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