recipe for a sunset

recipe for a sunset by Janice Nigro Most days I am out on the beach around sunset for an evening walk, but also to marvel at the beauty of nature even in an urban environment as big as the Los Angeles area. Sunsets mark the end of another day, and it is a sort of... Continue Reading →

high altitude van Gogh…

Patterns, I see patterns everywhere. But this one came out looking like a painting-the manicured fields as I was landing in Munich somehow look like brushstrokes over the land. Taken with an iPhone so the lower resolution probably enhances this effect. I love all of the shapes!

the pink city

The pink city by Janice Nigro There is nothing like a personal tour of a city especially in a foreign country.You will get to the best restaurants or events without having to work at it, and in the local language. I did not do my homework for my brief tour to Toulouse, France, after some... Continue Reading →

thousand piece puzzle

Day 4 of the black and white challenge. I love this photo of honeycomb coral but I sometimes wonder whether my tastes are too simple in underwater photography. It was somehow an easy photograph to take and yet I am not sure how often people actually stop to take such photos of the coral. It... Continue Reading →

iPhone meets nature in Los Angeles

On my walk home tonight which conveniently was across the beach, I started taking photos like this: Dramatic skies but in a Norwegian winter day dramatic sky: And then it turned into an Indonesian sky: Or maybe the opposite of the Northern Lights: but in fact it was a Los Angeles sky!

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