thousand piece puzzle

Day 4 of the black and white challenge. I love this photo of honeycomb coral but I sometimes wonder whether my tastes are too simple in underwater photography. It was somehow an easy photograph to take and yet I am not sure how often people actually stop to take such photos of the coral. It is one of the best reasons to dive in Indonesia-the coral is simply amazing. After visiting Tasmania earlier this year and spending time looking at contemporary Aborigine art, I almost think it looks like one of their complicated dot paintings. The photograph now lives on someone’s wall, and it is not mine nor any relative of mine.


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    1. Thank you so much! It is amazing underwater. I was thinking I should repost in color but actually all except for one are better in black and white. Hard to do that because one of the things I like about underwater are the unique colors and combinations.

      1. I’d be interested to see the shots in colour too! I used to do a bit of diving, but never tried underwater photography. Would you happen to have any advice for someone looking to start?

      2. Actually you can read another post that I wrote about my evolution as an underwater photographer, But from my perspective, point and shoots are getting so good that this is all you need plus at least one strobe. I would recommend having a wet lens or possibly two for macro photography. You can also get these for wide angle. But to start, I would suggest a decent point and shoot, a decent housing, and a strobe. This will get you very far at least in the learning phase. It is true that there is a level of fine focus and other artistic stuff that you can not do with a point and shoot but small cameras are easy to travel with if you just want to try. If you get a good strobe you can always move this up to better equipment. More in my story but these are the things that you really need today to take any decent photos.

      3. I made a new post with the black and white photos side by side with the original photos so that you could see them. Hope you have a chance to try underwater photography as well. It is a sport as well as an art!

  1. Nice series Janice! Actually not many uw photographer I know captured the details or pattern of the corals. I am not sure why..for me somehow it is hard, i kept having weird colors or pattern 😀 The corals are beautiful to take pictures of..your picture is certainly showing its beauty.

    1. I wasn’t crazy about the color in this photograph either, but because of the details it looks great in black and white. I have done it with some others as well. The problem with corals is that there is a certain majestic-ness to them that you feel when you see them that is difficult (for me anyway) to translate into a photograph.

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