Off in Aljui Bay

Off in Aljui Bay by Janice Nigro I had thought that in Raja Ampat further south in Misool was something like the soft coral and color factory of the world. I discovered on a recent liveaboard trip that Aljui Bay in northern Raja Ampat was serious competition…and with no other boats (yeah, try to... Continue Reading →

Dykking tvang meg til å bli kunstner

Dykking tvang meg til å bli kunstner av Janice Nigro (norsk redigerte av Eli Anita Engebø) to see the post in English go to Jeg hadde aldri tatt et bilde før jeg gikk under vann, og da jeg endelig gjorde det, ble det bestemt i siste minutt. Jeg var på vei til LAX tre... Continue Reading →

like a flower

My second entry in the 5 day black and white challenge. Some more famous so-called celebrity backsides have been flooding/plaguing the internet lately. I thought I would challenge those photos with a classy photo of a nudibranch...sort of from behind...

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