underwater artist: algae

The last entry in the 5 day black and white challenge. I chose a giant clam abstract. These creatures have amazing patterns on their mantles which from what I understand are due to symbiotic algae. Algae seem to be the real underwater artists which supply colorless animals with a coat of "paint". The giant clams... Continue Reading →

like a flower

My second entry in the 5 day black and white challenge. Some more famous so-called celebrity backsides have been flooding/plaguing the internet lately. I thought I would challenge those photos with a classy photo of a nudibranch...sort of from behind...

iPhone meets nature in Los Angeles

On my walk home tonight which conveniently was across the beach, I started taking photos like this: Dramatic skies but in a Norwegian winter day dramatic sky: And then it turned into an Indonesian sky: Or maybe the opposite of the Northern Lights: but in fact it was a Los Angeles sky!

sky painting over raja ampat

The best sunsets are where there is clean air. Among other things (like spectacular marine life) you can find clean air in Raja Ampat which means the four kings in Indonesian. Missing diving and missing Indonesia...

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