The Christmas pasta

by Janice Nigro Families get together over the holidays. Exchanging gifts and watching movies. And eating. And well... eating. Growing up I would say Christmas food for me was a lot about the cookies. My grandmother made the best cookies on the planet. She always had cookies in a cookie box, a rectangular Tupperware number,... Continue Reading →


Next stop, Omaha

by Janice Nigro The odd bit about some of the less famous (small) places in the USA is that most of us start our lives in them. Or the only other way you might learn about them is by taking Southwest Airlines to fly across the country from one big city to reach another. Last... Continue Reading →

an airport with a view…

The parents of my father were born in a small town in Sicilia. Over the years I have visited the island, really another country, because I wanted to know where my DNA came from. Ironically, it was because of my mother, of German descent, that I ended up at a Sicilian wedding in winter. It... Continue Reading →

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