supersized nembrotha

common nudibranch but I have never seen one this size until I visited Apo Island in the Philippines.  beautiful there.  I wonder what the nudibranchs eat there because they are gigantic!
giant nembrotha copyright


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  1. Do you have more photos or information regarding dive sites and your experience diving these sites? I love hearing about various sites across the world. I only saw a couple of nudibranchs on Maui and love their colors.

    1. thanks for your kind comments. most of my stories are about the places that I have been diving. most are about Indonesia so far. working on new ones for other countries. just take a look at my home page and click on one of those stories!

      1. Raja Ampat and Komodo are pretty great but it is challenging diving. Lembeh Strait and Gangga Island are fantastic and frankly Bali is quite good if you go to the north east-read Seraya Surprises. Ambon is also fantastic for muck diving-all kinds of weird creatures to see. It is all great!

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