Visayas in a nutshell…

 Visayas in a nutshell by Janice Nigro There are a lot of ways to come up with a dive itinerary for a dream destination. The “no plan” kind of a plan is not exactly the typical consideration, especially when you will step off of a plane 7,000 miles from home with a load of dive... Continue Reading →

Dive ‘n’ drive for one

Dive ‘n’ drive for one by Janice Nigro Ok, I am stealing some terminology for the second time during my swimabout which if you remember is the first term that I stole from someone much more clever than myself with words.  The new one is “Dive ‘n’ Drive” which pertains to the fact that you... Continue Reading →

Island hopping

  Island hopping by Janice Nigro By the time I got to Dauin via a personalized car ride (Alex and his mother Nora) and the ferry to Dumaguete from Cebu (which included a stop at a local barbecue), I realized that I had only touched a continent twice in three months.  It was during my... Continue Reading →

swimabout 2013 to 2014

A summary of Raja Ampat, Gangga Island, Kungkungan Bay, (Indonesia) and Moalboal, Dauin, and Bohol (Philippines).  My view of underwater.  Highly "macro-ized" as my Canon G15 is not well equipped for wide angle.  Some photos I have obviously taken artistic liberties with, but almost all are the natural colors highlighted by the strobes.  My obsessions... Continue Reading →

supersized nembrotha

common nudibranch but I have never seen one this size until I visited Apo Island in the Philippines.  beautiful there.  I wonder what the nudibranchs eat there because they are gigantic!

pink solitude

lovely anemone shrimp in panagsama beach near Moalboal Philippines.  perfect pose.  inspiring place for underwater photographers.

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