Next stop, Omaha

by Janice Nigro The odd bit about some of the less famous (small) places in the USA is that most of us start our lives in them. Or the only other way you might learn about them is by taking Southwest Airlines to fly across the country from one big city to reach another. Last... Continue Reading →

Around the world at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market

Around the world at the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market by Janice Nigro The sign as you enter says no bikes, no skateboards, no dogs, and no parrots. No parrots? Jack Sparrow, leave your parrot at home if you are coming to the Hermosa Beach Farmers Market. On Friday mornings, I roll my vendor-in-a-suitcase up from... Continue Reading →

cuckcoo for coco loco

Cuckcoo for coco loco by Janice Nigro I was creeping around the grocery store looking for my food fix…if you can believe it, it was for a yogurt. How did this happen, that I was looking both ways before stepping into the dairy aisle to casually put 10 Chobani flip Almond Coco Loco yogurt into... Continue Reading →

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