Literary exercises for writing scientific manuscripts

by Janice Nigro I was shocked once when my PhD advisor ran into the lab to read out loud the first sentence of my first draft of a manuscript. A nightmare moment-hearing your own words read in front of a group of extraordinarily talented and accomplished people. He read it and then said why he... Continue Reading →

following your art

by Janice Nigro I am not a surfer, an actress, or a musician. But here I am-a scientist-three years into making a life in southern California. Yes, in LA LA Land. LA is a great city to be in, but it is not all that easy to live here. The city is big, expansive, and cars... Continue Reading →

Scientists are human too!

Scientists are human too! by Janice Nigro Critical review serves as an important regulator of the quality of our science. We are supposed to man up and take it, but do we really know how to give it effectively? Based on the myriad reviews I now have the pleasure of reading as an editor, I... Continue Reading →

#Pitmad for scientists

#Pitmad for scientists by Janice Nigro Scientific grants are an incredible high...when we get them. Otherwise they can feel like another form of torture. Applications are information overload supplied sometimes in hundreds of pages for program projects. A grant of any size though is a huge effort requiring the input of many people of different backgrounds. All of... Continue Reading →

go forth and be curious

go forth and be curious by Janice Nigro Living a creative life we tend to think is reserved only for artists-anyone painting, writing, acting, or photographing. Not many would add scientists to a creative life list; science is problem solving or logic that has the end goal of producing previously unknown facts. We hope anyway! Art... Continue Reading →

into the entrepreneurial zone

into the entrepreneurial zone by Janice Nigro For all of the education I have, I never thought career happiness would be something I would have to work at. I love science. I love doing science, thinking about it, and reading about it. But I have always had difficulties with professional growth. I tried different labs,... Continue Reading →

What does your blog do for you?

What does your blog do for you? by Janice Nigro I know, it’s the wrong question. Most people want to know “what does my blog do for someone else?” Blogging is something that I only became aware of three years ago. It is an odd thing to do in a way-openly write about your life... Continue Reading →

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