An affordable piece of art

by Janice Nigro I had a boyfriend in college who wasn’t much of a romantic. But he did leave me a surprise Valentine’s Day card once in a place where I wouldn’t have expected it. I remember the card still today. Without saying much, I felt it said, "I am thinking of you." The history... Continue Reading →

An Accidental Artist: Discovering Creativity through Scuba Diving

Do you think of artists as super-powered people? I did until I discovered underwater photography. Discovering my artistic side I tend to think of as a glorious accident, but I wonder, because underwater photography has all the elements that are important to me: travel, sport, art, and science. An Accidental Artist is a collection of... Continue Reading →

Sneak preview

My first solo exhibition for my underwater photographs-That's an animal?-goes up in just a few days. Here is a sneak preview of some of the photos that will go up in Java Man Coffee House, 157 Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach, from July 2 to July 29, 2017. I had some fun coming up with... Continue Reading →

favorite subjects to photograph

favorite subjects to photograph by Janice Nigro Plenty of tongue-twisting words for underwater creatures exist. Somehow mine for most of my life was simply anemone. Even as I write this, spell correct just corrected the word anemone. For me, it remains a conscious effort to say or write this word correctly. Eventually I realized my... Continue Reading →

extreme close-up…

An extreme close-up of a large nudibranch called a nembrotha. The photo was taken in Panglao Island, Bohol along the fabulous Alona Beach. He/she (they are hermaphrodites) was moving around quite a bit for a nudibranch, but was still for a moment and I got this sort of excellent portrait showing all of his/her beautiful... Continue Reading →

silver medal

A little bit of bragging but more because of the company that my photograph is in. The other photographers win often and for good reason. I took this photo on the reef surrounding Panglao Island in Bohol, the Philippines. It was I have to say a photo of one of the most humble looking creatures under... Continue Reading →

Dive ‘n’ drive for one

Dive ‘n’ drive for one by Janice Nigro Ok, I am stealing some terminology for the second time during my swimabout which if you remember is the first term that I stole from someone much more clever than myself with words.  The new one is “Dive ‘n’ Drive” which pertains to the fact that you... Continue Reading →

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