Sneak preview

My first solo exhibition for my underwater photographs-That’s an animal?-goes up in just a few days. Here is a sneak preview of some of the photos that will go up in Java Man Coffee House, 157 Pier Avenue in Hermosa Beach, from July 2 to July 29, 2017. I had some fun coming up with titles. See if you can match a few of them to the photograph…Thousand piece puzzle, Anemone Koozie, the Kiss, Berry Lemonade Popsicle Swirl. Scroll over the photographs to find the numbers.

Leave your answers in the comments. I will draw a winner from the correct answers and will send a 5 x 7 inch original print card to you wherever you are in the world!


11 thoughts on “Sneak preview

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  1. Thousand piece puzzle #7
    Anenome Koozie #12
    the Kiss #6
    Berry Lemonade Popsicle Swirl #11

    You know “who” came up with all the answers (and it wasn’t me :).

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