delicate symbiosis

I officially sold an underwater photo print. Of course it is one of my favorites-a bleached anemone with the resident anemone fish from Komodo, Indonesia 2013. Unbelievable because I am really a scientist, not an artist by training. Although it has been argued that I am not the artist-it is of course nature “who” is the artist.

The scientist part of me (it is still in there) has to explain that anemones have a symbiotic algae which gives them their color just like coral. This one has lost the symbiotic algae due to extended high temperatures in all likelihood. Generally it is a temporary condition in this part of the world.



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    1. So nice! Thank you. I am really fascinated by which photos people are interested in. This one seems to be one that most everyone really likes. It was very hard to take because of the white anemone so I am very proud of it and very glad others enjoy it as well!

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