An affordable piece of art

by Janice Nigro I had a boyfriend in college who wasn’t much of a romantic. But he did leave me a surprise Valentine’s Day card once in a place where I wouldn’t have expected it. I remember the card still today. Without saying much, I felt it said, "I am thinking of you." The history... Continue Reading →

What we don’t think about when planning a dive trip

What we don’t think about when planning a dive trip by Janice Nigro A lot of information sometimes goes into choosing a dive trip. What season is it? Is it good for whale sharks, humpback whales, grouper mating, coral spawning? What is the weather going to be like? rain? typhoon? Water temperature? (OK, I am... Continue Reading →

Off in Aljui Bay

Off in Aljui Bay by Janice Nigro I had thought that in Raja Ampat further south in Misool was something like the soft coral and color factory of the world. I discovered on a recent liveaboard trip that Aljui Bay in northern Raja Ampat was serious competition…and with no other boats (yeah, try to... Continue Reading →

favorite subjects to photograph

favorite subjects to photograph by Janice Nigro Plenty of tongue-twisting words for underwater creatures exist. Somehow mine for most of my life was simply anemone. Even as I write this, spell correct just corrected the word anemone. For me, it remains a conscious effort to say or write this word correctly. Eventually I realized my... Continue Reading →

The story behind it

The story behind it by Janice Nigro I got kicked out of the basic research system, simply put. A lot of disappointment followed, and perhaps only when I was on a beautiful island in Indonesia talking with the dive guides who could sing, play the guitar, and make jokes to me in English with single... Continue Reading →

delicate symbiosis

I officially sold an underwater photo print. Of course it is one of my favorites-a bleached anemone with the resident anemone fish from Komodo, Indonesia 2013. Unbelievable because I am really a scientist, not an artist by training. Although it has been argued that I am not the artist-it is of course nature "who" is... Continue Reading →

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